everything continues, fuck it


"My friend is having a major panic attack."
“Does he need a bag to breathe into?”
“Oh yeah, I gave him a bag to breathe into…a bag full of xanax.”

My play I wrote is still the goddamn shit, fuck yeah this thing rules. I should put it on again or make it into a film.

I knew this year would rule when this video came out on the first day of it.




Saying Im a troll is actually p offensive considering trollkin DO exist

People always try to misgender otherkins to try and trigger them but it’s best to ignore all the ableist and kinphobes.

God I wish we had a nuclear war in the 80s so I didn’t have to see this

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Tim Portlock: No Vacancies

Horatio Sanz is going to hell forever for this Joey Ramone impression.

wonder what shes doing these days

wonder what shes doing these days

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